Sale Of Berkel Slicers

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The sale

The sale of an instrument such as the historic Berkel flywheel slicer , must be followed by a structured professionalism of a company that has been operating directly and exclusively in the sector for some time and that also demonstrates the passion in research and seriousness especially in after sales.

The price

The price must go second place when it comes to unique pieces that connoisseurs know how to appreciate and value, but only originality to the total exclusion of modifications and so-called improvements to a product that is already perfect. Patented in the period of the industrial revolution, these slicers have become an icon for butchers and deli meats.

The Mechanism

The flywheel mechanism allows not only to operate the blade (with a very low number of revolutions so as not to heat the product), but also to move the plate at the same time. Each turn of the flywheel corresponds to a “pass” and the deck automatically approaches the blade of the previously established thickness, therefore it does not need any sail and gravity configurations. Every designer should have the need to create beautiful things.

Unique Products

Beautiful things or useful products because it is the first requirement of a tool to fulfill the function for which it was created, and a product today, if it wants to survive, must do it at best. In addition to this, over the centuries, man has always had a deeper need than utility, that is, the need for beauty. And this includes all the needs that a user (a person) has: that his slicer is Original, that the Pedestal is Original, that the purchase is opened by the family, that if he puts it in the kitchen he can wake up in the morning and be amazed to have bought such a beautiful slicer.

Our Products

Antique slicers of various models and periods.

The Beauty

Human nature itself demands beauty. We refer to our field, but if we analyze that of the everyday. When we get up in the morning and brush our teeth, we don’t notice anything, we hardly pay attention to the object we use. But if the toothbrush was badly designed, we would soon realize that we were holding a badly designed object. The issue is that not everyone is ignorant of this concept, but today’s world is an expanse of barbed wire that makes it difficult to switch between an idea and a finished product. But beauty and innovation can be found in a detail or in a nuance, easier to achieve, which did not exist in past objects.

I Study

The study proposed here shows the interface of a young designer with the world of industry and the encounter of the design method developed over the years with a very complex product: the slicer. The slicer is a mechanically or electrically operated machine used to slice food products. There are various ranges depending on the product to be cut. In fact, of the characteristics of a machine, the cutting capacity is very relevant which is distinguished in circular (the maximum approximate diameter of the product to be able to obtain an entire slice) and rectangular (the space of maximum cutting in height and the space available flat in length). They strictly depend on the diameter of the blade and the size of the plate.

Fundamental features

Other key features are the minimum and maximum thickness of the slice, which depends on the cutting capacity of the blade and the precision of the mechanics, as well as the structure of the slicer. The sale of these products has always made the buyer happy who, even after frequent use, increasingly appreciates the purchase. the needs of the most disparate users and satisfy the requests made in every small nuance, delivering only a product that has always satisfied the customer 100%.