WBS company

WBS the history starting

The WBS company “The World´s Best Slicers” deals exclusively with the professional restoration of historic Berkel slicers and scales and other famous brands. Giorgio Maschi was born as a collector of these works of art and is the owner of the WBS company and restorer, he began his business in 1984. The WBS was founded in 1984 by Giorgio Maschi, from mechanical experience and a great passion for slicing machines and systems of weighing, with great craftsmanship and continuous research into details that leads to the highest levels of quality in the restoration of these historic machines.

The contacts cultivated over the years at the production plants have meant that the knowledge necessary for a high quality restoration was deepened. It was possible to view and study historical documents, patents, brochures and photos of the various models of slicers and scales produced in the past, and to purchase not only exemplar of unique machines in the world, but also original decorations and brands, projects, photographs, tools, various objects and spare parts, as well as talking with workers of the same companies, learning about very important news. All the information on this website has been transcribed from original documents in our possession and not the result of fantasy or rumors related to the topics covered.

WBS when quality is translates into a single brand

WBS is a Worldwide  LEADER Company specializing in the restoration of slicers and scales, in addition to the design and construction of new concept models. All this by offering the ulmost seriousness and quality in execution, as well as an accurate and personalized service for each customer. Our company is placed at the top level in terms of quality, reliability, after-sales service and, not least, the relationship that is established with customers for the continuity in making the use of the jewels that are delivered pleasant. The delivery, relative instructions for use and the after-sales service have always been carried out directly by the restorer at the place of delivery. The shipping is carried out through special dedicated containers, specially designed and patented. At the time of delivery, appropriate positioning and relative instructions for  the use, cleaning, maintenance and sharpening of the slicer.

Not to mention the fact that the ” meat ” always has a better quality when sliced with a slicer restored by the company WBS.