The Repair Restoration and mechanical tuning of the historic Slicers and Scales


The Repair, Restoration and mechanical tuning of the historic Slicers and Scales

Branded Berkel – Burgers – VDF – Dayton – IBM – American Slicing Machine – Lucey Silent Slicer and numerous other brands, are the normal craftsmanship that is carried out in the laboratories of the WBS. Every single part is analyzed and repaired by recovering only the original parts with mastery, which only years of experience lead to certain results.



As for the Restoration of Berkel slicers, the procedures must be followed scrupulously in the various phases in order to achieve a result of both mechanical and aesthetic perfection while preserving all the original parts.


Originality means greater value, as for all Oldtimers and other objects of value and prestige, replacing parts means depreciating and devaluing what is being restored or repaired.


Intervening with replacements of pieces to improve any function or use decorations or systems to decorate similar to the original ones means that they are NOT the Original ones, or with a lower value than the Original ones.


The use of new production pedestals instead of those originally used or historical Original Pedestals leads to a significantly lower value. Basically, the Original slicer complete with original pedestal has a significantly higher value, even double compared to a modified slicer with a new pedestal.

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