Processing steps

Before disassemble the slicer is provided with a complete analysis of the mechanical situation and correct any imperfections. Run the completion of any missing parts with original antique pieces..

WBS – Only one is the original.

First Phase

Performed the first phase, disassembling worn parts and bring back material by welding and subsequent milling and some lathe work to the pieces for bring them back to their original condition. After that it will be defined by the total disassembly of the machine, by directing to the first company to perform the removal of the old plaster and paint through ice paint removing, to prevent deformation and damage created by sandblasting. Afterwards is then taken over by our coach maker that performs all processing steps meticulously taking care of every single detail using products of very high quality. The painting is done with new generation products using colors in the original key reformulated to have a longer duration. After apply the decal decorations in copal varnish, following a scheme that respects the original position. At the end of this working phase it is applied a layer of transparent anti-scratch paint to the decoration for the protection, which otherwise during the cleaning phases is likely to take away part of the same ruining the long run work and compromising the totality of the work. As regards the metal parts that need to be plated, the procedure is as described; in our laboratories performing an initial brushing to remove all impurities and during which we highlight any imperfections still to correct.

Second Phase

Subsequently other galvanic phases are entrusted to our professional that set up like a mirror every single part and is made a first copper plating bath, then after a minute control of parts with defects and correction, we proceed with a second bath copper plating and subsequent bath in the nickel. For slicers produced after the 1920 also we proceed with a further bath of chrome plating and polishing at the end of all treated items including grinding and mirror polishing of the steel parts. When are completed the steps and galvanic coating of disassembled parts, we begins the complete replacement of the machine, checking every single part that has the right capabilities, hardness or softness, endurance .Over installation we get to the most delicate part, ie to test all the functionality, where they occur any noise and malfunctions, where, it is tested with the cut products of different dimensions and seasoning until the perfection of the cutting. Each slicer is restored without the replacement of parts such as; gears, worm, etc. guides. as unfortunately, many people who identify themselves as “restorers” replace every time because they say it works better. WBS means a restoration to preserve as much as possible all over to affect the value of a historical object. Replace means distort and depreciate something that has value as it was originally, not as it has been transformed.