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Model 32

Model 32


The Berkel flywheel slicer model 32 is produced by Berkel & Parnall's Slicing MC.MFG.Co.LTD in the Enfield factory of Middlesex - England. in the period from 1952 to 1985, it was the last flywheel slicer model built by the English factory . It resembles the Berkel model 115 produced in Europe, like the rest of the British production, this flywheel slicer model was also designed for cutting large products, mainly the Bacon. The aesthetics of the Berkel slicer model 32 has a more modern aesthetics and the body of the same has a rounded body shape in step with the fashions of the times, all the mechanical movements are covered by carters, like the connecting rods inside the body of the slicer itself. The rounded shoulder also holds inside the sharpener which remains hidden during the normal operation of the slicer, but is extracted when the blade is sharpened which is 370 mm. of diameter. The slice thickness regulator with the possibility of giving 14 different thicknesses of regulation is placed on the left side of the body of the machine. The upper part of the carriage is almost completely covered in stainless steel and runs guided by a pin on the left side, while on a bearing in the right poarte. The worm screw for the advancement of the product to be cut is placed under the carriage in the front part of the flywheel. The arm for fixing the product to be cut is with the two round columns placed parallel to the blade, one in front of the other fast scrolling. The flywheel is completely closed with a stud in the central part with the manufacturer's logo. This slicer was produced for exclusive use by resting it on the work benches and its original pedestal was not produced.


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