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 Model 115H



The flywheel slicer model 115H is built between 1953 and 1980 in the Berkel factories of Rotterdam and several other countries, where Berkel itself has opened production factories in the meantime. The slicer body has a molded shape of modern conception and design and has a cutting capacity of 255 mm. in width 240 mm. in height and 160 mm. in length. The slicer Berkel Model 115H use a blade of 370 mm. The flywheel Berkel model 115H has a slice thickness adjustment at 20 positions. It is attached to the right side of the body of the machine. The sharpener that is not visible at first sight is located at the top of the shoulder, covered by a cover that engages directly making the shape of the machine sinuous. The flywheel that creates the movement for the complete operation of the machine is equipped with a retractable bachelite knob which allows during the absence of the use of not to be bumped and also a safety that no one puts it involuntarily in operation. The Berkel Model 115 H was originally produced and restored in red and silver colors and the metal parts were chromed. Berkel flywheel mod. 115 H requires a support of 505 mm. front - 500 mm. rear - 460 mm. length having a total footprint of 620 mm. in height - 795mm. in length - 760 mm. in width. The Berkel Model 115H has a net weight of 110 Kg. The stain was normally installed directly on the display counters and at lesser detachments during customer service operations, but optionally its original stand was optionally provided the slicer was elegantly used and exposed by the operators during cutting of the products and also making it easier to clean it.


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Blade diameter 370

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