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Model H

Model H


The Slicer model H was patented in the USA and produced since 1932 in the factories of La Porte in the state of Indiana and subsequently also in Europe. The Berkel push-type slicer model H is currently known as "Slot Machine" works by means of a lever which creates the forward and backward movement of the cart where the product to be cut is fixed and the blade rotation automatically. Of this specific model, it has not been produced its original stand, as it was born as a simple, and contained in its dimensions, countertop slicer for cutting small products. The Berkel model H slicer has a cutting capacity of; 165 mm. in width - 125 mm. in height - 150 mm. in length. In the lower right part, there is the knob for adjusting the thickness of the slice with the indicator starting from zero and reaching forty. The type of regulation of the thickness of the slice is similar to that of the current electric slicers, as it is free and not jerky like the manual ones produced with fixed regulation. The Berkel model H slicer has a footprint of: 580 mm. in length - 485 mm. in height - 410 mm. in width. The Berkel model H slicer has a blade of 255 mm. and has a total net weight of 31.5 kg.


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Blade diameter 255

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