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Model 9HP

Model 9HP


The flywheel slicer 9HP is built between 1936 and 1948 by MAATSCHAPPIJ VAN BERKEL'S PATENT N.V. at ROTTERDAM NETHERLANDS. The flywheel slicer Berkel model 9HP has a slice thickness adjustment with a 15-position snap-on watch, the calibrated sharpener mounts detachable automatic grinding emery. The plate is in stainless steel a system of rapid movement and automatic release of the plate at the end of the useful feed and the arm for fixing the product to be cut is articulated of the open type. The Berkel model 9HP uses a blade of 319 mm. and has a cutting capacity of 230 mm. It is equipped with protected helical gears and a worm screw protection. The slicer Berkel model 9HP has a mechanical system in which the cut product is, through a series of open discs with the pointed end, to hook the sliced ​​product and make it rotate in the direction of the glove box and through a subsequent hand-shaped tool open, place it directly on the plate. The sliding of the trolley occurs on the left side through small metal wheels that rotate on a black bakelite guide and the guide of the trolley is directly melted in the body of the machine. The Berkel slicing machine model 9HP has the instant coupling of the clamping plate The operation of the slicer is via a closed flywheel with an external diameter of 340 mm. and the decal "Van Berkel's Patent" is applied inside. The Berkel model 9HP flywheel maker was originally painted in red black and ivory. The Berkel manual slicer model 9hP requires a support of 270 mm. front - 270 mm. rear - 440 mm. length having a total size of 620 mm. in height - 780 mm. in length - 620 mm. in width. The Berkel flywheel slicer model 9HP has a net weight of 80 Kg. And optionally Berkel also provided its original pedestal.


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Blade diameter 319

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Piacenza (PC) – Italy
Owner: Giorgio Maschi
Phone: +39.347.4616798
P. IVA / VAT Code: 01464140332


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