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Model 11 green

Model 11 green



The flywheel slicer U.S.Berkel model 11 is built in the period from 1928 to 1936 in the factory of La Porte - Indiana and that of Toronto - Canada. The model 11 U.S. is a variant of the European Berkel model 20 and retains many constructive characteristics. The model 11 is the model subsequently built at model C. The flywheel slicer mod. 11 has a blade of  370 mm. in diameter and has a cutting capacity of 265 mm. The arm for fixing the product is fixed and non-tilting, of the same type present in the U.S. flywheel slicer U.S. Berkel model 110. The U.S.  Berkel model 11 in the upper part of the shoulder mounts a blade sharpening apparatus. This slicer has a regulation of the thickness of the slice at 24 positions, placed directly on the right side of the cart. The U.S. Berkel mod. 11 is operated by a closed flywheel with a diameter of 340 mm. with the writing in decal “U.S. Slicing Machine Co La Porte Ind.” This slicer was produced in red and green color, the metal parts are originally chromed. The machine has a total dimensions of 880 mm. length 650 mm. width and 660 mm. height and requires a support of 280 mm. width 500 mm. length. The U.S. flywheel slicer Berkel model 11 altogether weighs 98 kg. Like most of the slicers produced by Berkel separately, its original pedestal was provided, equipped with height adjustment for each individual support foot, to be perfectly positioned in bubble on any type of flooring, even the most disconnected in a short time.



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