Model 0

Model 0



The scale Berkel Model 0  was built in the Van Berkel's Patent factory in #Rotterdam-Holland in the period from 1955 to 1965. This model of #scale Berkel with the fan-shaped dials is a medium-small scale and was supplied with a plate of different frontal capacity as a form for each type of product to which it was supplied. The scale #Berkel model 0  has a maximum capacity of 2 kilograms and when the first kilo of the maximum scale capacity in the quadrant graphics is exceeded, the upper weighing load is arranged by means of a lever on the side of the scale. Berkel model 0 was produced in three different versions, the first with a maximum capacity of 400 grams and the scale of 200 grams with a division of 2 grams. The second version with a maximum capacity of 1,000 grams and the scale of 500 grams with a division of 5 grams, the third version with a maximum range of 2,000 grams and the scale of 1,000 grams with a division of 5 grams. This scale Berkel model  0 has a total weight of 13.5 kg and has a size of 340 x 240 mm . Also this scale as most of the scales produced by the famous manufacturer Van Berkel's Patent of Rotterdam -  Netherlands was supplied for the normal support on the work surface or optionally its original pedestal where it could be placed at the discretion of the user in strategic positions where it can be used at best.


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