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The Decoration


The decoration:



Despite the evolution of mechanization, the importance of the work of qualified persons,has maintained a qualitatively superior position for the realization of decorations.Contemporary historical influences,could not miss even in these works of art, where printed designs in Art Nouveau style give to the first slicers an artistic touch to get more and more simply decorated with the progress of time. Depictions of flags, medals and other types of objects, sensitize the importance of the product not only as a business tool, but as objects that are appreciated in furniture, so products with special finishes. All this was originally performed by the application of copal varnish decals. Wbs decorates still in the same way, normally using the original decorations with decals with copal varnish and not fancy decorations or using adhesives, decorations carried out by hand or masking stencil where the paint is applied in the spaces not covered.Only in some cases providing for the reproduction designs using the same procedure like the antique production, but above all original brands because protected by copyright.